We love L.A. by Bojána Bányász and Donatella Cusmá  attempts to reveal, connect and celebrate Los Angeles as a city. The project manifests itself as a series of post-card mailing events using hand-made silk-screened postcards.

Each series looks at the city through a different filter, and attempts to capture both physical and ephemeral manifestations of urbanism. Mailed postcards become markers of an occasion or event, exist in a particular time and place in the city’s history, and serve as physical evidence of having gone somewhere.

Our previous series titled Greetings from the Los Angeles River looked at Los Angeles as a collection of landmarks, flora and fauna with local connections to the largely ignored infrastructure of the Los Angeles River. Approximately 200 cards hand-printed by us were customized and mailed by visitors of the 2009 Frogtown Artwalk to all corners of the world.

In 2012, we produced a new postcard series reflecting on the long-standing industrial shops of Los Angeles’ Frogtown neighborhood, focusing on the sounds of “things being made”. The project attempted to connect different aspects of the neighborhood’s productive arts and industries.  We expanded our arsenal of “on-the-spot” customization tools with a number of onomatopoeic rubber-stamps.

All card series focus on Los Angeles, attach themselves to a civic or art-event and attempt to be informative within the limits of the medium on a particular subject.  While the graphics are secondary to the mission of the project, they have been a significant draw in connecting with visitors. The hand-made cards invite spontaneous customization in a way that shop-printed artifacts don’t.

Each project is completely finished when the visitor-customized cards are mailed out to their destinations. We don’t re-print the cards for commercial purposes, and don’t sell them individually or in a series after the fact.

You simply had to have been there to get them, see them or mail them.