Two women

Although from different corners of Europe, their paths crossed in Los Angeles, a city that they both fell in love with at different times for different reasons. Their collaboration in Claret-Cup is strongly defined by this connection to the city.

What do architects do? is a question that – if asked earnestly – most of us are dying to answer. The cliché of an architect is a multi-talented chameleon: at once a bespectacled nerd in front of a computer, a white-haired professional sketching designs on a paper-napkin, a suit with a hard-hat knit-picking a detail at a construction site, and a wine-glass holding fashionista at a dinner party chatting with celebrities. But an architect, simply put, is someone who cannot help seeing how things could be, and half-way knows how to make those things happen. The other half depends on communication and collaboration with the client.

As architects and project managers on a variety of building projects for neary two decades in Los Angeles, and in collaboration on community-based and teaching projects since 2008, we take on and conceive of projects with a potential to create or affect a physical, experiential environment.

Expanding the bounds of what might be called an architectural practice, we seek zones of experimentation where architecture is personal, emotional and appropriate. Claret-Cup is an attempt at finding opportunities for design by considering alternatives to the usual job description of the architect as simply a procurer of fine edifices.

Bojána is a licensed Architect from the state of California since 2010 and Donatella is a registered member of the Italian Boards of Architects since 2003. in 2019 she qualified for the NCARB Foreign Architect Path and she is on her way to obtain the licensure in the State of California .

Claret-Cup is licensed to practice in California and In Italy.

Bojána Bányász

Bojána left Hungary and landed in the US on a full scholarship to Claremont College in 1995. Her love of travel has run through her way of experiencing everyday life and creative priorities. She has explored the LA metropolitan area on her motorcycle (1999-2002), her bicycle (2002-2005), on public transportation (2006-2007) in order to see the city unfold at different speeds. In collaboration with classmates, she walked the entire lengths of Figueroa, Wilshire and Sunset Boulevards in 2003 and documented the length of 3rd street from East Los Angeles to Beverly Hills in an attempt to capture unique moments created by the changing social landscape. Bojána hitch-hiked across the United States as well as Europe in 1997. In 1998, she also spent 3 months as a photographer in India for the Hindu, the largest-circulation English newspaper in the country.

Now Bojána lives and works as a licensed architect in Los Angeles. Her commitment and passion for architecture was fomented during her years with the award-winning Silver Lake design firm, Escher GuneWardena Architecture, where she was Project Architect on a variety of projects from single-family, sustainable homes, through art gallery projects such as Blum & Poe, to the study and restoration of the historic Eames House (Case Study House #8) in collaboration with the Getty Conservation Institute

Donatella Cusmá

Sometime in the 1990’s, Donatella graduated from hand-painting T-shirts at Sicilian street-fairs to organizing “Shalarte: Containers for Young Artists”, an art-walk before the concept existed in Sicily. She paired shop owners of a neighborhood in Messina with poets, sculptors, fashion designers, painters and musicians for a temporary exhibition involving about young 30 artists. From then on, she was hooked on workshops: creating in collaboration with others while simultaneously learning and teaching about a place, an art form or a specific creative process. During and after her university studies, she began collaboration with the Research Institute for Experimental Architecture (R.I.E.A), an international organization that promotes architectural design through workshops, symposia and printed publications often dealing with areas of conflict and borders. This work has taken her from Sicily to other countries for adventures like exploring cross-border culverts between the United States and Mexico.

In the early 2000’s she graduated summa cum laude from Universita’ Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria, one of the most scenic Universities in the world, in the hills overlooking the Messina Strait and the Etna volcano. Four days later she accepted a position at Franco Zagari Architetti in Rome, in one of the most scenic offices in Rome, overlooking the Mausoleum of Augustus and the Museum of the Ara Pacis.She then moved to Turin where she completed a one year program for Architecture in Developing Countries at the Polytechnic of Turin before moving to L.A. on a job offer from the office of Tracy A. Stone Architect As a resident of Los Angeles, she continues to look at architecture through all of her senses. In particular, Donatella has a passion for cooking and entertaining. In her culture the ritual of eating with family and friends constitutes the basis of social interaction. Claret-Cup’s FORK is Donatella’s brainchild. She honed her passion and skill for food-design at Speranza, an architect-owned restaurant, where she occasionally joins the cooks and prepares her favorite dishes for friends and guests of the restaurant.


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