Introducing “block party” the latest addition to the Map-à- Porter collection!
Composed of 5 rearrangeable modules (blocks), this seating ensemble was designed for the informal meeting room of a shared creative studio in Chinatown. The idea was to support a different kind of work-space and to allow for a detour from the normal flow of work. Thus, the blocks are possible to arrange in a multiplicity of ways to allow for a series of different mental dérives: on the same afternoon they may be configured into a shared bench to accommodate guests during an opening or a screening; a sectional for relaxing with a laptop and a cup of espresso; a bed for the occasional all-nighter; or be used as seats to chat with colleagues and clients about projects and the future!
The modules are upholstered by a local artisan using 100% natural cotton and screen-printed by hand with a custom-designed map of Chinatown and Downtown.
Hit us up to arrange a visit, have a glass of vino while you lounge on it and … order yours! Colors, fabric, map and number of modules are customizable.
Caution: ideas discussed on the couch may stay on the couch!.. as words incorporated into the custom map.