Director’s Cut ADU 2018

Ba Gua for Two 2018


Duck Lodge Collaborative 2018

Smoking Hot Tiny House 2017

Angeles Vista 2017

House by the Elm Tree 2016

Studies for a Deck by the Pool 2016

Studies for Catering Kitchen in Event Space 2016

House with Lifted Garage 2015

Folded Beauty Installation for REDCAT Gala, Los Angeles 2015

Catalina Remodel 2014

4×4 Creative Spaces in Silver Lake 2014

Homemade House 2014

South LA Warehouse Conversion into Artist Studio 2013

Ghost of Downtown Los Angeles: 71 Postcards on LA


Regift, 2016

LA Forum Centerfold box

Publication Design: Centerfold for the LA Forum’s Fall 2016 Newsletter

Hotel Theory

Hotel Theory, Collaborative Exhibition Design REDCAT, Los Angeles 2016

Frogtown Salo(o)n

Frogtown Salo(o)n

map-á-porter Special Project

map-á-porter Special Project “Nick Roberts Memorial Funds

wrap-as worn

City Book and Laptop Wrap, 2015

map-á-porter at dwell on Design, 2014

map-á-porter at Dwell on Design, 2014

Have your WEDGE and eat it too

Have Your WEDGE and Eat It Too

Blind (d)Ate

Blind (d)Ate


Signals from Mission 26

Rione XX Postcard Workshop Rome

Rione XX Postcard Workshop Rome

Event: IDLA, Tales of Deliberate Urbanism

Dingbat 2014

Poster Design: Dingbat 2.0 Kickstarter Campaign

Publication Design: City of Hope, City of Resistance

Inglewood Salo(o)n

Participatory Event: Inglewood Salo(o)n

2016 Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study for Los Angeles Residential Addition

Office Couch 9 06082017

map-á-porter Block Party

map a porter brochure

map-á-porter Brochure

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