Claret-Cup recently finished a set of three laptop-wraps in leather for the Nick Roberts endowed Scholarship Fund auction held on April 26, 2014. This edition of the wraps features silk-screened abstract graphics based on three city maps: Chandigarh, India, Nanjing, China and the neighborhoods of Clichy and Saint-Ouen  in Paris, France.

Nick Roberts was a colleague, architect, scholar, educator and interim chair of the undergraduate architecture program at Woodbury University. Without trying to list all of his accomplishments, the laptop-wrap project honors his work as the founder of several study-abroad programs for the School of Architecture, among them the programs in China and India. Claret-Cup solicited the advice of Bryony Roberts, Nick’s daughter in choosing a third city that could speak to Nick’s interests in urbanism worldwide and complete the trio. The neighborhoods of Clichy  and Saint-Ouen in Paris, bordering the Boulevard Périphérique were chosen to represent Nick’s research in the banlieu , the urban periphery in the series.

With this limited edition series Claret-Cup continues to explore the potential of graphic images in connecting users to a narrative of their larger environment by layering abstract and highly stylized map information over utilitarian objects. Individual wraps in the Nick Roberts series are connected by a narrative that is part of his life and understood by the people that knew him. Translated into lines and fills, each city presents a unique pattern of weaving the man-made and natural environment together within the city’s fabric.

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