We introduced the City Book and Computer Wrap at the end of 2013,  which is designed to protect your laptop or help you bundle a couple of books and notes together in one stylish pack. The wrap is an offspring of several laptop bags produced in the past few years, combined with graphics from our continuing Los Angeles mapping projects.

Besides their functional qualities, the wraps intend to reinforce the neighborhood identity of the wearer. The project includes an ever-expanding list of Los Angeles neighborhoods that we continue to scout and learn about.

The City Book Wrap is composed of slices of heavy-duty awning cloth, each one a unique combination of the color-coated and silk-screened sides of the cloth. No two are exactly the same, as they are made personally by us, and we retain the rights to the fun we have when picking the exact ratio between the map and the solid color used for each composition. The wrap opens and closes with one long separating zipper and an arm loop on the front face helps you hang on to it tight.

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How can you get one?

Send us a message to see what we still have in stock. This particular material has been discontinued by its manufacturer of 150 years, but we still offer this style and neighborhood on leather as well as pleather. Visit our Map-a-porter page for updates on new neighborhoods and wearable styles.

Check out the slideshow below for a peek behind the scenes as we produce our first order!

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