Silk-Screening Workshop – Rione XX, 2013 Spring, Rome

While in Rome, students produced a hand-printed postcard-series about the Marconi-Ostiense Industrial area, or Rione XX. This historic industrial site adjacent to the River Tevere was also the site of the design studio projects.

From an instructional standpoint, this workshop presented a number of challenges. From sourcing the basic materials to build the home-made table-press, through the transformation of the design studio into a printing workshop, to ensuring that each of the 10 participating students experienced all aspects of the printing process, it took careful planning and preparation to produce 300 postcards in a one-day workshop. The images collected below attest to the variety of tasks that needed to be performed, some of which were most efficiently done in small groups, and the inventiveness of the students as they gained understanding of the pacing of the printing process.