acts as connective tissue between the various projects we work on. Affordable and ephemeral in comparison to buildings, it is a testing ground for new ideas, yet tangible, real. Our featured project supports our paper urbanism projects.


Map-à-porter means wearable map, portable urbanism, or neighborhood “to go”. It is a twist on the French term that describes a ready to wear garment and makes use of two interpretations of “à -porter”: “to wear”, and also “to carry”. Our maps are wearable objects that talk about the contemporary city as seen by architects and inhabitants.

Architecture and urbanism are ubiquitous and affect everyone, yet, for many they remain unknown realms outside of the expertise of the individual. The project is born out of our desire to connect the discipline with the public through participatory installations that start a discussion.

What architects consider the “city fabric” is woven out of people as well as architecture and infrastructure. A “place” in the city is remarkable for the things that happen within its bounds and the way it accommodates people. Our objects represent a moment in time of the life of a city or the neighborhood and provide a durable record of this moment. Both the city and Map- à -porter evolve over time, each following its own laws of change.

We live in Los Angeles. Ask for your neighborhood!

Like this page or contact us to receive updates about our participatory Map-a-porter events, where users can shape their own map, communicating what is relevant to them. The city maps reflect personal experiences of participants, not only our point of view. Wearing one of our maps sends a message that is personal to the user and connects with the community.

We also love discussing cities at large, so ask for your city if you don’t live in or connect with Los Angeles.

Ready to Wear:

Hollywood– introduced in June 2014

Echo Park – introduced in May 2014

Elysian Valley (Frogtown) – introduced in December 2013


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